by Pathos, Pathos

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released May 25, 2014



all rights reserved


Pathos, Pathos Orlando, Florida

Indie Rock/Pop band out of Orlando, FL

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Track Name: Show Me Love
Wake up my dear
Let's travel the world
And see all there is to see
Don't say a word
The fear will be gone
When we meet in each other's dreams

You never call
I think I'm starting to fall for you
I'm just dreaming again

You are the moon
I'll pull you in close
And tell you of all our plans
Don't be so shy
Let's dance in the sky
And do what we're made to do

I can't restore
All that is gone
You ask for more
And I'll be your pawn
I can't believe
All that you've seen
You push and shove
You're just releasing steam

Show me love, love
I watched you bury the ashes
Don't wake me up, love
I'm always dreaming of you
I'm always dreaming
Track Name: The Heart and the Hunter
I know that you like it
When you catch my eye
From across the room
You just can't control yourself at all
Follow me home
In your fantasies
I'm your Jody Taylor
You're my Norma Jean

I know that you like me.

I know that you like it
When I talk real smooth
I'm an animal
God, you hate how much you love it
It's not enough
To be close to me

You will take me home
In the trunk of your car
And you will make me love you
You'll make me love you